Augmented Reality(AR)

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Duration: 8 sessions (2 sessions a week)
Age: 9-12 yrs

Augmented reality systems show virtual objects in the real world –like stars in a Snapchat selfie, or how well a particular chair might fit in a room using the IKEA app. The first big break for AR was the “Pokémon GO” game, released in 2016 with a feature that let players see virtual Pokémon standing in front of them, ready to be captured and played with
This course will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality and help you build projects using simple library AR.js

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Learning Objectives:
AR is significantly improving customer experience in Marketing, Training, Health and Education sector. It is important to understand how Augmented Reality works and blend our self into its pleasing effects.

  • Explore different types of AR experiences around us
  • Project 3D object using Assemblr app live into the real world
  • Identify how the AR engine makes us feel real and understand how it works
  • Learn the basics of HTML & Aframe – primitives since AR.js is built on it
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