Web development -Advanced.

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Duration: 8 sessions (2 sessions a week)

Web designing course is a well-structured course created to explain students about the era of world wide web and its consisting websites. We all use websites somewhere or another but very few of them know how to create a website and assign a domain name. In this course, students will understand the work behind making a website, technologies used to create it, and how it is published on the server.
At the end of this course, a student will learn to create a website or blog deciding on what topic he wants to show in the site along with proper data, media, links, and styles.

Web Designing Junior: 8-12 yrs
Web Designing Senior: 12-15 yrs

Course Fee 250 USD

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Learning Objectives

  •  Web development:
  • Students will be given the opportunity to learn about elements for building a website such as WWW, HTTP, URL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, static pages, dynamic pages, browser, protection.
    By learning these growing theories, students in the web development journey will take a step forward and start thinking like a developer.
  • Design a site:
  • Students must initially work on the category they wish to use to create a site. A static page is considered to be the beginner level that allows creators to store data and display the same information to all users. As they gradually progress in completing on-page, students will work on creating more pages to understand site navigation. Also, give a fancy domain name to their site.
  • HTML:
  • HTML is considered as a structured Markup language, which is simple and enjoyable to learn and helps to build a website and view in browser. At first, students must understand all elements that are present in HTML and create a site with proper nesting of those elements. Coding a site strengthens a student’s management abilities, self-control and logical thinking.
  • CSS:
  • Continuing their journey towards the completion of a static website, the latest term called Cascading Style sheets is introduced to the students. CSS is used primarily to add colours, alignments, videos, images and audios to the web. In order to design their site, students can play with CSS properties and offer a pleasant look and feel the effect.
  • JavaScript:
  • To increase the level of the website, a static site is converted into a dynamic site. Javascript enables interactive webpages and prepares client-side page behaviour. Students learn more about data validation and dynamic text changes on the page.
  • Server and hosting:
  • Web Hosting services enable a person to upload a website to the internet when they finish creating a website. There are several hosting services out there and students can learn how to load sites with a specific domain name using a demo Cpanel system into a server.


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