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Duration: 8 sessions (2 sessions a week)

Who doesn’t love to play with smartphones? Given the popularity of mobile phones among today’s teenagers, their interest to create their own games and play on their mobile will show great potential towards App development. This course uses the Thunkable platform, build on the enthusiasm and inspiration to learn App creation. Students can experience thinking like a developer and learn to develop android apps. App inventor encourages making their own applications for those with no programming experience, which may be educational, gaming and social networking apps. Emulators help students to check and allow them to run their app on a phone, which in turn makes programming a valuable personal learning skill.

App Development-Junior: 7 yrs to 9 years
App Development-Intermediate: 9 to 12 yrs
Scratch Senior batch-Advance: 12 yrs to 15 yrs

Course Fee 250 USD

Early Bird Offer 120 USD

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Learning Objectives

        • Were you familiar with Mobile apps that were originally designed only for productivity, and what made the trend towards creating a wide range of mobile apps that target many services. Here students will be introduced to different distribution platforms and types of applications built to target individual sectors.
        • Using App development as a tool, programming fundamentals are explained to little creators and achieve practical knowledge when developing interesting apps. They will design a program that uses Events, variables, data, media upload, arrays, functions, classes and objects.
        • In this journey, along with programming, they will understand the discipline of UI UX designing. A good looking app always attracts more users, Students should learn to think like a developer who deeply understands their customer: who they are, what is their interest and what they will likely want to do with the product.
        • Understand the functionality of different components present in Thunkable by using them. Students will create the best apps and share in the community. Components like Buttons, Slider, Switch, Layouts, Multimedia, Sensors, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Database, Texttospeech, Network, Services can be used as per the app requirement. The complexity of coding is reduced by these components and block coding helps to eliminate compilation errors.
        • Students will learn to develop games with simple animation using a clock component. By practising, it is possible for students to clone popular games present in the market. They will get hands-on experience to build platformer games, 2D animated games, Informative games like Puzzle, Memory games, Interactive world tour app and many more
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